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we are live in pittsburg where a police officer has been shot. we'll tell you how he is doing and what police are saying about the suspect. it appears the search for accused killer christopher dorner has come to an end but the final answer may still be weeks away. we're live in santa clara where the california highway patrol is guarding a house over night. where explosives were found. we'll tell you who they arrested and why they are still here. in just hours former san francisco giants slugger barry bonds will be in court. we'll tell you what he is hoping a three-judge panel will do for him today.
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good morning, to you. we are ready. middle o of the week i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. we'll check in with steve paulson. it will get warmer for the next couple of days. >> next couple of days. today very close to what we had yesterday. patchy fog out there. especially north bay and on the coast. once that retreats i think we know the drill by now. it will be sunny and mild. very similar to what we had yesterday on the high temps. here is sal. steve, good morning. highway 4 westbound very serious commute on highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade. no major problems there. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split the traffic is looking good. let's go back to the desk. we begin with breaking news from contra costa county. a police officer was wounded in a gun battle in pittsburg.
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tara. >> reporter: that police officer was shot. his wounds are not serious, however. he has been treated and released from the hospital. but investigators are still here at the crime scene. you can see behind me here they have quarantined off a couple block. we're at santa fe and maple streets around 11:30 last night gunfire erupted one block from here. police confirm one suspect was shot. he is described as a 30-year- old oakley man with an extensive criminal record on probation from weapons and drug charges. two officers spotted the suspect in front of is a house and tried to talk to him but he ran off. >> our officers gave chase. as our officers chased the suspect he turned and fired at our officers. striking one. both our officers were able to return fire. striking the suspect. >> reporter: emergency crews were performing cpr on that suspect but his condition has stabilized and expected to survive. we understand there were other people with the suspect who
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were detained and they are being interviewed. investigators will be out here for some time perhaps when it's daylight they can get a better look at the scene here and determine how many shots were fired. right now the wounded officer who was a five-year vet lab of the force sat station. he will be on paid administrative leave as well as the other officer. i'm tara moriarty county v channel 2 news. time is 5:02 it may take days or weeks for police forensic scientists to identify the charred human remains found in that burning mountain cabin to know if it's of christopher dorner. investigators say dorner first tried to escape the tightening dragnet yesterday by tying up two maids and stealing is a car. then he reportedly opened fire on fish and wildlife wardens and later at san bernardino
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officers. one officer was killed and another was wounded. they heard one give up shot when the cabin burst into flame. >> it's very difficult to identify the remains of a person in a building. >> it's still not clear how the cabin caught fire while the sheriff spokesperson says it was ignited by gasoline cnn is reporting that swat teams set off area devices. yesterday as those events were unfolding the police urged the news media to stop sending tweets about the swat team actions. ironically the san bernardino asked them to stop tweeting immediately.
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a bomb was detonated over night. janine de la vega is in the neighborhood with details on this ongoing investigation. janine. >> reporter: the california highway patrol has been here all night guarding over this house that you see behind me. you can see the front yard is in complete disi-- disarray. that is because last night officers found explosives inside that house. they brought them outside. put all the sandbags on top of them so no debris would fly everywhere to make sure that bomb was detonated safely. we are told the man who lives at this home made a threat to a public official. the chp assessment team out of sal castaneda has been watching him and got a search warrant on his home and when officers came here yesterday they found a
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home made bomb and bomb making materials inside the property. the bomb squad dug a hole in the yard. buried the material and detonated it safely. people in the neighborhood had to evacuate. others were told to shelter in place. the chp says they believe more explosives are inside. >> it's a definite possibility and we may have to have evacuations wednesday but that won't be determined until the bomb squad comes back in the morning and starts doing a search. >> reporter: residents went back into their home around 10:00 last night but they may be evacuated again when the bomb squad returns. we're told at can this morning. the chp had already arrested everett basham yesterday morning before they found all these explosives. for making threats to a public official. we are told he's in his mid 40s and lived alone in this house. back out here live, i'm not sure if you can see because it's pretty dark, but there are
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numerous surveillance cameras around his property. there is also microwave antenna and radio antennas several of them on the roof of his house. so it looks like he had a lot of surveillance here. throughout the morning we hope to speak to neighbors. we are also told a spokesman will be out here later this morning to get more details on exactly what the threat was made against that public official. reporting live from santa clara janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:06. in a couple hours barry bonds is due back in a san francisco courtroom at 9:00 this morning. the home run king of baseball will be asking a federal appeals court to throw out his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. ktvu claudine wong is looking at court documents tied to today's court hearing. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are standing in front of the james r. brown united states courthouse. this is where the hears will be held this morning.
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bonds is hoping to get that obstruction of justice conviction overturned. this process started with this 80 page filing back in may. bonds will have to wait a little longer to answer today. we do not expect him to get an answer today. if you remember bonds was convicted back in federal court. back in january of 2011 for obstructing justice. he gave evasive testimony to a grand jury five years earlier. bonds was accused of actually lying to the grand jury but a trial jury couldn't reach a verdict on those charges. bonds was left with obstruction charges and was sentenced to one month home confinement and 250 hours of community service. he hasn't served any of that crime. now this mornings hearing on the appeal goes before the three-judge panel. it gets under way at 9:00 a.m.. just so you know how it's all going to go down cameras are
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being allowed in the courtroom. it's supposed to last about 35 minutes. that's how much time they have scheduled for oral arguments. we do expect a large push of people wanting to get into this courtroom. again cameras will be allowed inside. we will be able to show you what is happening later in the day. we've been going through this 80 page response. the government response to the appeal and all the court documents and throughout the morning we will let you know what both sides have to say about this. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. this morning president obama is traveling to a factory in ashville, north carolina to rally support for the economic proposals he unvailed in his state of the union address. coming up at 5:15 the one area where president obama says country needs invest immediately to put people back to work. let's check in with sal. two very serious crashes. sal, where are they? >> first one is southbound 101
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dave and pam. southbound 101 near caesar chavez. i want to put it on the maps for you. southbound 101 traffic is going to be busy as you leave san francisco. i have been looking at my san francisco camera it's so early we don't have a big backup on 101. it's one of the things if there is any good news at all coming from this it's not happening later in the commute. i want to move the maps over to 680. same thing there. an accident blocking three lanes but since it is early, we don't have have a big backup yet and they are working hard to clear this crash. southbound on 680. let's go to live pictures. bay bridge toll plaza is still light. westbound coming into the city. no problems if you're on the bridge. this is a look at 280 in san jose. 5:09 let's go to steve. sal, a little bit of fog. increasing. and you can see it's filling in
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on parts of the coast. we saw the same thing yesterday. there is some not showing up. it's up in the north bay. forecast headlines today very similar to what we had yesterday. patchy fog then sunny and nice. a little decrease in that fog. sunny and warmer and then we'll take that into thursday and friday as well. not a lot of warming tomorrow. but a little bit. and then by the weekend it looks good. just slightly cooler. forecast for the city is identical to what we had yesterday. starting off in the mid 40s. love to say maybe there is rain coming in because i'll tell you we can use it. february is not looking very promising. now there is signs we'll get back into colder weather next week. until then everything starts off 30s and 40s. a little bit of fog and sunny and mild to warm. you can see where everything is going to the north of us. there is nothing for us for awhile. sunny and mild. morning fog again. coast and inland patchy dense fog. there will be a lot of sun.
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by 9:00 it burns off. 60s or a few upper 50s. warmest toward clearlake down to gilroy. the weekend still pretty nice just a little cool down. over night news from the east bay. an early morning crash after a chase topping 100 miles an hour. what police found in the drivers car. the awkward moment during marco rubio's public response to president obama's state of the union address. southbound 680 traffic looks good. we'll tell you why getting to this point may be really tough.
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time now 5:14. we are following over night news into the east bay. a high speed chase that ended in a crash. it started in antioch and ended in pittsburg. three people were in a stolen car going more than 100 miles an hour when it crashed at the harper street off ramp. those three people suffered minor yours. the 32-year-old female driver is now in custody. >> suspect has a history i don't have a full criminal history in front of me but she has a history of auto theft and warrants for her arrest. i'm not sure what those are right now. >> police also say the woman was wearing a wig leading police to think she may have been trying to hide her identity. president obama made job creation and the economy the
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focus of his state of the union address last night. the president wants to get americans back to work by investigating in infrastructure. kyla. >> reporter: pam, president obama said the only way to get the economy back on the fast track is by creating jobs and he talked about four main investments he plans to make over the next four years. including and manufacturing energy and education. but he says infrastructure is the the big one. president obama believes democrats and republicans can get behind this idea that by investing in infrastructure they will create long-term jobs and economic benefits. he wants a national infrastructure plan within eight months. and california lawmakers are big supporters. some believe this could create jobs and improve the states unemployment rate of 9.8%. >> the president is focused on a forward agenda. instead of finding a way to cut our way to prosperity.
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he is talking about ways to continue our budget problems and invest in the future. >> reporter: president obama encouraged republicans get on board. why california lawmakers say this investment is needed despite the tight budget when i see you next. kyla campbell. florida senator marco rubio delivered the public response. >> our free enterprise economy is the the source of our middle class prosperity but president obama, he leaves it's the cause of our problems. that the economic downturn happened because our government didn't tax enough. spend enough, or control enough. >> rubio also cliffed a response to the president's speech in spanish. he is considered a rising star in the republican party and frequently mentioned as a possible candidate for president in 2016. >> like false choices like the president laid out tonight. >> now this response when he
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reaches over and takes a sip of water is a hot topic on twitter. rubio took it all in stride joining in with a treat of his own. a photo of the empty water bottle. the long running battle in san jose is heading back to court. casino matrix is suing claiming the city illegally created bureaucratic roadblocks that delayed its opening by four months. the city also gave a rival casino treatment. san francisco selling the naming rights to port properties for fundraising in the america's cup. mayor ed lee is pitching large corporations to help pay for
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the race. cities on the hawk for as much as $32 million. 5:1 is the time -- 5:17 is the time right now. sal is covering a couple crashes. >> the one on 680 we will start there dave and pam. crash ha is blocking lanes -- crash that is blocking lanes on 680 and finning to cause a backup. and we also have the other crash that is blocking at least one lane across the bay in san francisco. southbound 101 se star chavez onramp. you can see at the top of the screen right next to the live drive time traffic. you can see a couple brake lights. it's still a little early. but it's beginning to register here. hopefully they will get the crash out of the way. let's move along and take a look at north and southbound 880. also on 580 westbound if you
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are driving through oakland. 5:18 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. a little bit of fog starting to show up. i'm standing right in front of it. we saw the same thing yesterday. it looks like some of that in the north bay is not showing pup there is a little bit of patchy and inland fog. san francisco yesterday topped out at 60. didn't change a thing. we started the week off at 63. cooled off a wee bit yesterday. about the same. tomorrow will be a little warmer. there is still a component of an on shore breeze. you can see the mountain the everett the mammoth of high pressure going up and over. sending everything toward the northern plains and deep south. 30s for many on the temps. same for santa rosa. novato in the 30s. some 40s but half-moon bay 42. so about the same as yesterday. there is a somewhat of a component of an offshore breeze. the direction the wind is
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coming from. san jose has an east wind. sfo had a westerly breeze. so there is a it will bit of more of that on shore push near the coast. it won't last very long. sunny and mild. a lot of sunshine today. no rain. tomorrow we'll start to warm things up. clearlake 68 again. 67 st. helena. 65 for napa. walnut creek at 63. along with a bunch. concord, pittsburg, antioch. berkeley at 60. 64 san jose. 64 saratoga and santa clara. on the coast upper 50s and low 60s. it will be warmer on thursday into friday and then the weekend still nice. just a little cooler as we head to sunday. >> european markets are all up this morning. markets that were up across asia posted gains as well. some are still closed for the lunar new year. checking in on our numbers the
5:23 am
futures indicate a pretty good opening right now. maybe better opening for the dow than the nasdaq and s & p. you can see a little bit of a mixed opening there. mix close that is for yesterday. but the dow starts above 14,000. general electric is getting out of the broadcasting business. it is selling its 49% stake in nbc to com cast for almost $17 billion. that gives comcast complete ownership of nbc universal which includes broadcast channels, cable networks, and universal studio. time is 5:21. silicon valley tax shelters. how some of the bigst high-tech companies have reportedly avoided paying millions in taxes.
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welcome back. our time is 5:24. biggest high-tech company in the bay area have a avoided paying taxes by using overseas tax shelters. according to this report by the center for investigative reporting and the bay citizen, companies like apple, google, e- bay and hewlett packard are able to reduce their taxes by billions. the u.s. tax code allows companies to reduce their tax burden by accumulating
5:27 am
assesses. a new round starts in the legal battle over pacifica sharp park golf course. it's owned by the city of san francisco but located in pacifica. a judge recently threw out a lawsuit filed by environmentalist that wanted to shut down to protect the frogs and snakes rob the property. but now the law firm says it will defend the city of san francisco for free as environmentalist try to get more than $1 million in legal fees. in san francisco improvements are coming soon for muni's n judah line. san francisco municipal transportation agency will spend almost $6 million on the upgrades. they include installing more travel prediction signs and painting a transit only lane to keep cars from blocking trains. traffic signals will also be changed to give those trains priority. work should be finished by june
5:28 am
2014. time is 5:25. let's go back to sal. you are following crashes and other things. >> we are looking at a crash on 680 southbound. let's go right to the maps. still a sig alert there because of a crash on 84 blocking a coupleover -- couple of lanes. i do believe we do have a picture of it here on round top. you can see southbound 101 these are the first live pictures we getting. i'm not sure if we will be able to put them up. our reporter claudine wong these are pictures of the crash. it looks like they are making a little bit of progress here on the crash. southbound 101 just after cesar chavez. claudine wong will is a report coming up in a few moments. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we have a little bit of fog out there. some on the coast and out in the north bay. once that pushes off close to
5:29 am
what we had yesterday. tops not -- temperatures not going past yesterday's numbers. dave. time is 5:26. it happened in vatican city just hours ago. the pope makes his first public appearance since he announced plans to resign. the largest man hunt in state history is over. plus a police shootout that happened in pittsburg over night leaves a suspect and police officer hurt. the new details about that gun battle we just found out about. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news wednesday, february 13th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time is 5:30. we want to go over to steve to check in on today's weather. >> did you like yesterday's weather? >> i like it. >> then you will enjoy today. very similar. patchy low clouds. everything says i will go right up and over california. we will have a lots of sunshine today. steve, we've had a problem on 680 for the last 40 minutes. couple lanes blocked there. traffic is beginning to back up. they have issued a sig alert and expecting this to be out there for a bit. you want to think of an alternate route or get on 680- 84 if you can. also in san francisco a sig
5:33 am
alert has been issued. >> reporter: you can see highway patrol performing a traffic break right now. and that is because they are trying to get this cleared up as soon as possible. we'll need to get a lane clear so they can tow the car out of here. you see the tow truck and that red car. that was one of two cars involved in the crash. the driver of the car sitting alongside the wall. he is complaining of head pain right now. actually let me pan yoover this way so you can see the ambulance just now coming up on to the scene to take him away. because he was at first saying he is okay but now he does want medical attention. what happened? well, this all happened with two cars a taxi driver and this vehicle one of them made a lane change. we're not sure which one right now. there was a collision. one person in the taxi driver the passenger was taken to the hospital just complaining of some kind of pain. a passenger in the red car that you're looking at right there
5:34 am
actually had an epileptic seizure. the police officers told me when they aryed the woman was in -- arrived the woman was in the middle of a seizure. the ambulance is on scene. they will take this driver away to get medical treatment. they have four lanes blocked. they just have this slow lane blocked. this should be cleared up in 20 minutes and hopefully the commute gets back to normal. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:32. we're also following breaking news from contra costa county. a police officer and suspect have been wounded in a gun battle in pittsburg. tara moriarty has been out there since 4:30. you're at the scene. the police had a news conference about an hour ago. >> reporter: that officer was wounded but not seriously. he was treated add a nearby hospital and then released. police are not saying where on
5:35 am
the body he was shot due to the ongoing investigation. you can see investigators are still here on scene. they have quarantined off a couple of blocks because this crime scene is so extensive. it stretches quite a distance. we're at santa fe and maple streets where around 11:30 last night gunfire erupted. two officers approached the suspect who was hanging out in front of the house. when they saw him he ran off and fired a gun. the officers both returned fire and struck the suspect. >> our suspects a 30-year-old oakley resident with an extensive criminal history for weapons and drug related charges. he was also wanted on several warrants for the same charges. >> reporter: emergency crews were performing cpr on the suspect but his condition has stabilized and he is expected to survive. we understand there were other people with the suspect who were detained and being interviewed. investigators say they will be out here for some time. when it's daylight they will be
5:36 am
able to get a better look at the scene and determine how many shots were fired. but right now that wounded officer who was a five-year veteran of the force is at the station still providing details. he will be on paid administrative leave and as well as the other officer. live from pittsburg i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. spokeswoman with the san bernardino sheriffs county believes the murder suspect christopher dorner is dead. his remains were in a burned out cabin in big bear. brian flores is here now. brian. >> reporter: pam, dorner apparently carjacked a ranger at a nearby boy scout camp. this morning despite the statement authorities believe it could take days for police to positively identify the remains found in that charred cabin. >> he said i don't want to hurt you just get out and start walking up the road. he was calm. i was calm.
5:37 am
i would say i was in fear for my life but there was no panic. hi told me -- he told me what to do and i did it. >> reporter: that was rick who was working at a nearby boy scout camp. he emerged from the woods and pointed a rifle at him. dorner also opened fire on fish and wildlife wardens. one officer was killed and another was wounded in the gun battle. investigators say the they eventually surrounded don never a cabin. they heard one gunshot before the cabin burst into flames. >> it could take days or weeks to do a dna analysis or forensic dental analysis. >> reporter: at this hour it's not clear how the cabin caught on fire while sheriffs
5:38 am
spokesperson says it was ignited by gasoline. cnn reports swat teams set off incendiary devices. live in the newsroom brian flores. los angeles police have spent countless hours over the past week investigating one of their own. coming up at 5:43 a live report from the los angeles police headquarters to hear more about the final hours of one of the largest man hunts in state history. time now 5:36. over night news more than 100 workers were evacuated in san lorenzo because of a ammonia leak. it happened at 10:00. the fire officials told ktvu that there was a ammonia leak inside a refridguation unit. 150 employees had to be evacuated. the hazmat situation lasted three hours and no one was hurt. police in dublin are investigating reports of shots fired at a car on a freeway. here's video of an suv with at least three bullet holes in the rear passenger door. the driver told authorities someone started shooting while
5:39 am
he was exiting westbound 580 and highway 84. he pulled over into a shopping center. one person was taken to the hospital. but we are not sure of their injuries. new this morning pope benedict made his first public appearance since announcing he is stepping down as leader of the catholic church. the pope received a standing ovation as he entered a packed chapel to celebrate ash wednesday. stepping down for good of the church. citing his frail health. ash wednesday marks the beginning of lint. the church hoping to have a new pope by easter. bay bridge toll could have a new celebration. the plan calls for a one way bridge walk on labor day weekend. there is also talk about a half marathon out there.
5:40 am
fire works, even a concert. now the party would cost about $5.5 million. the new span is due to open to traffic on september 3rd. the toll authority will also consider that $31 million security system for the new bridge today. it is now 5:38. sal, unfortunately has been covering a couple crashes. one on 680. >> and the other one on 101. you are right pam and dave. southbound 680 the traffic because of a crash here is getting thicker. leaving pleasanton for fremont southbound 680. just got the update from chp they still have a lane blocked there. they are making progress. if you drive from pleasanton to fremont, you need to give yourself extra time. when nay open the lanes if they open them soon we should get a full recovery. if it stays out there for awhile we may have a big problem with lingering delays for the entire morning. let's move along to highway 101 san francisco. the crash we were covering on 101 is being pulled away now. but if you look at the top of
5:41 am
your screen there you see right next again right next to the live drive time traffic bug there, there is a chp officer doing a round robin. doing a zigzag. they are trying to clear all the lane there is. there is a little bit of a backup developing. going into the curve there. not letting anyone get by until they clear out those lanes in san francisco. all right and one more thing bay bridge getting a little bit of a backup there. westbound as you come up to the pay gates. now let's go to steve. sal, thanks. fog is increasing. and now even napa airport says patchy fog. our observer dacha can see a little bit. it's starting to fill in a little bit. also up in the north bay santa rosa says fog pen & a half-moon visibility. we have to deal with a little bit of fog. other than that once fog burns off it will be sunny and nice.
5:42 am
today very close to what we had. highs 60s and in fact san francisco will two right at 60. which is exactly where they were yesterday. a little bit of fog beginning to move in. the return of the fog at least coastal fog is there. even some of that north bay fog. 30s for many. pros closer to the coast. walnut creek 35. san jose 39 degrees. novato 39. 37 at kentfield. it's a little chill in the morning air. morning fog. some of that getting a little thicker here. there will be a lot of sun. 60s for many. just a little bit of a puff of an on shore breeze. that will keep things in check. temperatures not that much of a difference. forther inland you go a little warmer. north to south. santa cruz 62. we will go 50s on the coast. 63 san mateo.
5:43 am
everyone prettyless. wood side 62. it will be warmer for all. pretty nice on saturday. a little cooler on sunday. time now 5:40. boy real drama on the high seas continuing on board a cripple cruise ship. what passengers say they are being forced to endure. and a promise of a protest at mark zuckerberg's house. the party that the facebook ceo is hosting that some people don't like. traffic is going to be busy this morning as you drive through parts of the bay area. we are following a couple major crashes. but the south bay looks good. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
5:44 am
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good morning. fog starting to fill in on the coast. also increasing up in the north bay. so some of that could be rather
5:46 am
thick once it burns off. steve welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top story yes, sir following for you right now. a police officer and a suspect have both been shot and wounded in a gun battle in pittsburg late last night. investigators say the battle started after the suspect shot and wounded the police officer. police officers then shot back. that wounded police officer was treated at the hospital later released. the suspect is also expected to survive. later this morning the bo squad goes back to a home in santa clara where a home made bomb was found and detonated. yesterday the chp found explosives at humboldt avenue and moraga street. reportedly investigators think the man who live there is threatened a public official. in a couple hours from right now barry bonds is due back in a san francisco courtroom. baseball's home run king will be asking a federal appeals court to throw out his felony
5:47 am
conviction for obstruction of justice. we continue our coverage of accused murder christopher dorner. forensic tests will soon be conducted on the remains found in burned out cabin in big bear. reporter jim spellman is live at los angeles police headquarters with how this man hunt for the former police officer turned fugitive apparently came to an end. >> reporter: huge sense of relief here in southern california. this man hunt does appear to be over. a charred body was found inside the debris of a big bear california cabin late tuesday. authorities will have to wait to positively confirm the remains of christopher dorner. the former los angeles police officer turned alleged murder. >> it's difficult to identify the remains of someone in a building. that could take days or weeks to do a dna analysis. depending on the condition of the body. >> reporter: a man watching dorners description was found in the area.
5:48 am
>> a man noticed a white truck coming down driving erratically. because he was drawn to this erratic behavior he took a close look at the driver recognized him as a suspect. >> reporter: dorner fired on them before abandoning his car, carjacking another, and taking off into the woods and retreating to a cabin. as first responders moved in two sheriffs deputies were shot. one later died. >> all law enforcement agencies are a brotherhood. this is a very dealt day for rural. >> reporter: a swat team later stormed the cabin and smoke devices were detonated. investigators say dorner was out to avenge his firing from the los angeles police force by targeting officers and their families. on february 3rd he allegedly gunned down the daughter of an officer who was involved in his interrogation hearing. alistening with her fiance.
5:49 am
and pam, police here say they will leave no stone unturned trying to find anyone who may have assisted dorner while he was on the run. >> thank you jim spellman there in front of los angeles police headquarters. stay with us here on ktvu news for continuing coverage of the story. we will have updates on the investigation throughout the morning. the cruise ship that became stranded in the gulf of mexico is being towed to port in mobile, alabama. the carnival triumph is expected to dock late tomorrow. the cruise line is arranging charter planes to take the 4,000 passengers back to houston where they embarked. carnival says until then it is a priority in keeping everyone safe and comfortable. but passengers are sending texts to relatives that paint a different picture of current conditions. >> stuck in the middle of the ocean. no service, no power, no food. >> she said it was starting to get pretty rough. they were having to use bags
5:50 am
and stuff to go to the bathroom. >> carnival had another ship stranded after an on board engine fire in 2010. some think carnival should have more safety inspections to prevent similar incidents. time is 5:48. mark zuckerberg the ceo of facebook will be hosting a fundraiser for chris christie. christie and zuckerberg met when he donated $100 million to new jersey schools. but there will be protests outside his home. they are upset that governor christie cut money to new jersey's women's health programs. right now it's 5:48. i want to go back over to sal who has covered a couple crashes. right now you are checking in on san francisco. >> we talked about that crash earlier. southbound 101 at cesar chavez. they are clearing it now. they have been doing a series of what they call round robins. chp every time we go to this
5:51 am
picture we see them doing it. you can see that police officer up there at the very top near the live drive time traffic. once again doing a round robin. that is for them to get vehicles out of that tight corner there. and southbound 101 will temporarily be closed here. it looks like there is some sort of emergency vehicle getting through. so southbound 101 as you leave san francisco i wouldn't use it now. i would use 280 until they clear this up. let's move along and take a look at 84 southbound 680. still clearing a crash here. the traffic is very slow leaving pleasanton as they struggle to get one of these lanes reopened. some traffic is getting through. not a lot. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. that is moderately heavy. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. just one guy talking but the weather is really nice. even pam said i really like
5:52 am
this weather yesterday. and we'll continue it today. temperatures settling into the 60s. a little cold in the morning. fog continues to increase. and also up in the north bay there is more than a few reports of patchy fog. so we have both variety there is. other than that everything continues. i was just looking at going out 15 days. there are signs next week that systems might come in and carve out a little bit of a pattern for us which could give us umery. at least this week it looks really quiet. expect for that patchy fog. lots of sun. temperatures held in check today. as long as that fog is there. but we need an offshore breeze. might get that tomorrow. temperatures 30s and 40s. 41sfo. napa was 30. now 34. patchy fog. even a little bit of fog out toward crockett, benicia, and vallejo. once it burns off even the
5:53 am
coastal fog retreated yesterday. sunny and mild. lots of sun. temperatures in the 60s for many inland. mid 60s upper 50s closer to the coast. little bit warmer toward gilroy. mountain view 63. same for livermore. san mateo. a little bit warmer toward san mateo. friday looks good. on saturday a little cooler. 5:51 is the time. u.s. retail sales barely grew last month which is close to what economists expected though. department stores online retailers and general merchandise outlets saw sales go up just slightly. sales at drugstores and auto dealerships slipped. sales would be flat because of that half percent increase in december. analysts say that the return to normal social security tax rate decreased our paychecks and that made consumers spending more cautious. the boards directors for american airlines and u.s. airways expected to meet today.
5:54 am
and conclude a proposed merger. the combined company would only have a spin off a few hubs to avoid antitrust. there could be complaints a merger would cut customer options and fares could increase. time now 5:52. why a uc santa cruz student very, very lucky to be alive this morning. the terrifying attack where and how it happened. there is a new top dog at the bay area show.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
good morning. patchy fog. coast and also north bay. once it burns off it will be sunny and nice to mild. time now 5:55. firefighters in healdsburg want to know what caused this fire at a warehouse of a rental company. it happened last night. by the time firefighters got there the flames spread quickly. it took them about 90 minutes to put out the flames. luckily no one was hurt. uc santa cruz student who was shot in the head at a bus stop is expected to fully recover. the 21-year-old woman told police she was attacked at this bus stop near natural bridges state beach monday night. police say a man with a rifle told her to empty her possibilities then shot her in
5:58 am
the head. she thought she was hit only with the butt of the gun. doctors found and took out that bullet. it had pierced part of her skull. here's a sketch of the suspect police are looking for described adds a light skin -- described as a light skin man described as a medium build. wearing jeans and gray sweatshirt and had a red bandanna over his head. victim also told police she saw a white chrysler pt cruiser circling the area before she was attacked. the suspect is wanted for armed robbery. >> canine community had a new top dog. >> best in show winner with 137th westminter dog show. >> banana joe took home top honors. he's a little guy. that is the conclusion of the westmin stir dog show.
5:59 am
the five-year-old lives in pennsylvania with his handler but is originally from the netherlands. he's the first of his breed to win best of show. a dog from the bay area also got a big award. max a standard schnauzer won best of breed. this was the last show for max. the dog is on his way back to the bay area where max is going to retire. what happened to happy the wonder dog? >> happy the wonder dog didn't compete this time. but max did it the to max. you know. [ laughter ] sal, you are checking our commute. you have important stuff to tell us. fortunately things are improving. we are looking at the south bay northbound 280 it's looking pretty good here. northbound 280 traffic is going to be a little bit busy but not all that bad. the sunol grade getting a little bit better now that they are clearing the crash. let's go back to the desk. coming up next in our 6:00 hour over night

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